Select "Friends" from the main menu

Tap "Add New" to reveal the reveal the multiple ways to add friends.

To Search Within Knockdown Users

1. Click "Search Knockdown User" and begin typing their name

2. When you see their name in the user list, Select "ADD"  

*Pressing the "UNDO" button will cancel your friend request.

To Invite From Address Book


1. Click "Add From Address Book" the first time you'll need to allow Knockdown to access your contacts

2. Click "Invite" 

3. Select the number to send the invite to and select "Send"

Once the person accepts your request, the two of you will be connected and able to utilize the In-StandChat feature of Knockdown Outdoors.

*You must have internet connectivity to search for friends, see their profiles, or send In-Stand Chat messages.