There are three types of membership to a property - Admin, Member and Guest.  Only Admins can invite people to be members of a property, or add other Admins.  Members can invite people to be Guests of the property.  The creator of a property automatically becomes the first Admin.  **Note: Being an Admin of the property in Knockdown Outdoors does not imply actual management or authority of the actual property or club.

1. Select the desired property from the Property list in the main menu. 

This will take you to the map page for that property.


2. Press the Settings button in the upper right hand corner of the map screen.  

This will take you to the property information page.

3. Select the Add New Member icon at the top (or swipe left).  

4. Enter the name of the person
you wish to add in the search field.  
5. Press the Add Button next to their name to add them.

*Or you can even invite people not in the app by clicking "Add from Address book" and sending an invitation.

Note: If you are an Admin of the club - you will need to additionally identify their membership level -  guest, member or admin. If you adding the person as a Guest, you will need to enter the date(s) they will be a guest of your property.  Or, you can choose to make them a permanent guest of the property if permanent guests are allowed by the club admin.