When viewing your property map, there is a WEATHER icon on the left side of the bottom bar  

Press it to display the weather information for that property.  Across the top of the page are three tabs - Current, Forecast, Feed Times. The first page to be displayed is the current weather.  


Here you will find the current temperature, sky conditions, wind information, sunrise, sunset, and atmospheric pressure data.  Scroll down to see the Major and Minor feed times for today.  An hour-by-hour forecast is displayed in the middle of the page.  Swipe left/right to scroll through the forecast for the day.


This page contains a 7-day forecast for your property, showing the high/low temperature and the overall forecast conditions for the day.  The first two days also contain an available hour-by-hour forecast.  Click on HOURLY FORECAST to display the forecast details.

Feed Times

This page is a 7-day forecast of major/minor feed times, as well as sunrise/sunset times.