In order to receive Knockdown Outdoors notifications, you need to have them enabled in two places

Your Phone settings, and in the Knockdown Outdoors app.

Turn on your Phone's notifications

Once you have enabled notification on your device, you will need to turn on notifications within the app.  As of version 1.0.2, we send notifications for the following events.


These can be turned on/off on the property information page.

  • When someone reserves a hunting area on a property you subscribe to
  • When someone checks-in to a hunting area on a property you subscribe to
  • When someone hits their Knockdown! button on a property you subscribe to


To turn these on/off, click on the property information page for the property you wish to change.

Knockdown Tutorial Screenshots-62.png


Select the Notification Switch 

When the switch is on, you can individually select the type notifications you wish to receive for that property.

*These notifications cannot be turned off from within the app and require that you disable all notifications from your phone settings.
  • When people send you a friend request
  • When someone accepts a request you send them
  • When someone sends you an In-Stand Chat message
  • When someone invites you to join their property
  • When someone accepts your invitation to join a property